Did my loved one suffer a concussion?

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A lot happens right after a crash. While checking on other drivers, exchanging insurance information and calling the police, personal health may be the last thing on some victims’ minds.

However, even if they feel fine after a crash, victims may be substantially hurt and not even know it. One of the most common injuries people get from a vehicle collision is a concussion. While the damage from a concussion isn’t always permanent or life-threatening, victims should seek treatment sooner rather than later.

What causes concussions?

According to Mayo Clinic, concussions stem from a blow to the head that causes the brain to shake. While seatbelts can prevent people’s bodies from hitting other parts of the vehicle, the brain can still shift inside the skull. Luckily, concussions don’t usually result in damage or penetration to the skull.

How do I know if a car crash victim has a concussion?

While the physical signs and symptoms of a concussion can include nausea, vomiting, headache, fatigue and blurry vision, victims may not always realize there’s something wrong. However, a close friend or family member may notice other red flags that indicate a concussion. Here are a few things to look out for:

  • They occasionally lose consciousness
  • They slur their speech
  • They have a delayed response to questions and answers
  • They appear dazed and confused
  • They seem more forgetful than usual
  • They ask the same questions more than once
  • They’re extremely sensitive to light or noise
  • They have abnormal sleep disturbances
  • They have a distorted taste of sense and smell
  • They suddenly feel depressed

Concussions can still cause pain and suffering

Most people don’t plan to get in a crash. But often, many victims and their families aren’t prepared for the unexpected. While concussions aren’t typically permanent or fatal, they can still result in substantial hardship. For instance, victims may suffer from wage loss and expensive medical bills to recover from their injury. Depending on the circumstances, victims could be eligible for compensation to help ease their temporary ailments.