Common causes of truck accidents

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Truck accidents are by far the most serious collisions on the roadway in Illinois, and there are a few central reasons why this situation exists. Truck accidents commonly involve recurring factors when crashes are investigated, prompting state authorities to take steps in combating some of those issues. But there are also existing rules of the road that drivers must follow when in transit while hauling cargo among other motorists in standard-sized vehicles. Unfortunately, those requirements are not always maintained when accidents happen.

Bad driving decisions

All drivers on the highway are guilty of making bad decisions while driving, including speeding or using a cellphone while driving. Truck accidents involving multiple drivers regularly include shared fault among other drivers as well with each operator being assigned a comparative fault percentage when the case is adjudicated. And even though truck drivers are considered professional drivers, they exhibit this behavior while on the road as well as nonprofessional drivers. Accidents are common because of this mix of motorists making questionable decisions while driving.

Truck driver fatigue

Driver fatigue is assuredly the most common factor in many truck accidents. Even though the federal government has established detailed limitations on driver workload, many accidents still happen late during a shift or after the driver is close to the limit on his or her hours. It may not be the primary factor, but it is a common factor nonetheless.

Work zone accidents

Other motorists often do not realize that work zones sections along the highway are also a common place for trucking accidents. Truck drivers are not always totally at fault in these work zone collisions either, but they are often in congested traffic with reduced stopping distances.

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