Most common warehouse injuries

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Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, stated that Amazon will begin to integrate new technologies in order to help prevent warehouse workers from developing musculoskeletal disorders. This is one of the most common injuries that the warehouse workers develop after months or years working in a warehouse. Other common warehouse injuries in Illinois and around the country include the following.

Hit by falling objects

When working in a warehouse, you are likely to be handling large, heavy objects, and a lot of these heavy objects are getting stacked on shelves high above your head. There is a lot of movement in a warehouse, so it’s not uncommon for a worker to end up getting hit by a falling object.

Getting hit by a falling object can lead to dangerous injuries such as concussions, neck injuries, head injuries, rotator cuff tears or back injuries like a lumbar disc herniation. Getting hurt while on the job is a very serious matter, so you may want help filing for workers’ compensation to ensure that you receive the compensation you need to recover.


Working in a warehouse is a physically demanding job that requires you to be lifting, carrying and pulling heavy objects for hours. All of this physical labor can lead to workers overexerting their bodies, which could result in muscle strains and tears in their muscle tissue. Other injuries that can arise from overexertion include tendon injuries, nerve injuries, injured joints, injured connective tissues or even a heart attack.

Forklift accidents

Forklift accidents are some of the most common and dangerous accidents that can happen in a warehouse. These compact motor vehicles make it easier to lift and lower objects as well as to move heavy objects around the warehouse, but they come with significant risks. Getting hit by a motor vehicle can be devastating, and some of these incidents are fatal.

You deserve to get compensated if you get injured on the job. Some employers will try to avoid paying their injured workers, so enlisting an experienced attorney may help ensure that you get the compensation you need.