What injuries are common at construction sites?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2021 | Construction Accidents |

An Illinois construction site could involve many employees performing tasks like assembly, delivery, electrical wiring and other work. The day might not go smoothly or even safely for everyone as accidents can happen. Construction workers often find themselves facing injury risks due to the nature of the job.

Common construction injuries

Construction accidents arising from falls are very common. Slips and falls could happen in any environment, and a construction site probably has more trip hazards than many other workplaces. Even a minor fall may lead to permanent injuries, and falls from great heights might result in death.

Objects fall, too. A worker hit by a falling object, such as a piece of lumber, could face a lengthy hospital stay. Things may slip out of a worker’s hands and drop many stories, leading to tragic results. Construction sites also involve workers using cutting and drilling tools, which present injury risks. One brief distraction is all it takes for someone to get lacerated.

New buildings require electrical wiring work. Workers exposed to wires face dangers, possibly life-threatening ones. An electrical mishap may lead to burns or worse.

In addition, many vehicles move around construction sites. Forklifts and pickup trucks could cause significant construction injuries to people inside and outside of these vehicles. The same might even be true when riding around on a worksite scooter.

Dealing with financial concerns

Hopefully, management provides workers with the necessary training and equipment to reduce the potential for injuries. Even the best preventive steps may fail, though.

Construction injuries could lead to many different claims for financial assistance. A workers’ compensation claim may cover some financial losses, but some situations involve a lawsuit. Third-party negligence or an employer’s deliberate actions may set a course for litigation.