Most rollover truck accidents can be prevented

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t’s commonly thought that rollover accidents only happen at night or during inclement weather. However, the vast majority of these events occur in broad daylight and during fairly temperate weather. Whether a trucker is sleepy, distracted or driving aggressively, making even minor mistakes behind the wheel of a massive vehicle can have tremendous and long-lasting consequences. Read on to discover how Chicago truck drivers can prevent devastating rollover events.

What causes trucks to roll over?

The most common causes of rollover accidents involving commercial trucks aren’t icy roads, insufficient lighting, or heavy rain. Instead, many truck drivers involved in these events are tired, not paying attention, or turning incorrectly. How vehicles are loaded can factor into these truck accidents as well. Trucks that are carrying less than full loads have a higher likelihood of rolling over than do trucks that are properly balanced, and bearing an adequate amount of weight.

What can truck drivers do to keep themselves and others safe?

Commercial truck drivers should never operate their vehicles when drowsy or while distracted. It’s also important that they be cognizant of how sudden changes in the weight and positioning of their loads can impact the balance of their vehicles. This is especially true when hauling liquids. Also known as the “slosh and surge” effect, dramatic shifts in loads and load weights due to sudden stops or sudden turns can easily lead to rollovers.

Vehicle inspections should be routinely performed

Some commercial trucking accidents can be attributed to trucks themselves rather than the drivers who are operating them. Pre-ride inspections are incredibly important. In addition to tire checks, braking system checks, and quick visual inspections of all other components, these inspections should include thorough reviews of the loads being carried to ensure stability, adequate weight, and overall balance. Commercial trucking companies must also maintain their vehicles in accordance with the federal regulations for motor safety care.

Rollover truck accidents can result in post-traumatic stress, debilitating and disfiguring injuries, and loss of life. However, studies show that with the right preventative measures, many of these events can be avoided. When commercial trucking companies and the drivers who operate their vehicles work hard to prevent rollover accidents, everyone on the road is much safer.