How can construction workers prevent electrical accidents?

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Construction workers face numerous risks on the job. Slip-and-fall accidents lead many employees and contractors to suffer terrible injuries. Vehicle accidents and tool-related disasters may also cause great harm. Not everyone understands how high the risk of electrocution are at a construction site. The presence of live wires creates many dangers, and Illinois construction site managers might find it necessary to stress accident prevention.

Electrical dangers on a construction site

Construction sites have the unfortunate distinction of being where a significant number of workplace electrocutions occur. 2015 alone saw 61% of the country’s workplace electrocutions occur on construction jobs. Such numbers should prompt many construction personnel to be extra careful near wires.

Whether erecting a new office complex or building a single-story house, running electrical wires becomes an essential step to complete the job. Even renovation projects, including simple ones such as removing drywall, may put workers near electrical wires. Killing power to any wires may reduce the chances of injuries, but people sometimes make mistakes. “Dead” wires could be live ones, and workers might get hurt when assuming the wire carries no power.

Often, construction companies hire independent contractors for electrical work. Management might wish to screen these contractors before signing them to the job since experience could mean the difference between a safe job and one with dangers.

Added steps for prevention

Fundamental safety steps could reduce electrical-related construction accidents. Wearing appropriate safety equipment might help, along with making sure all tools and cords are in good shape. Worn cords might present a serious safety hazard.

Supervisors could consider investing in electrical safety training. Workers who go through such training may be keener to avoid accidents or recognize potential dangers. Managers may need to direct attention towards unsafe workers and those behaving negligently.