Overloaded or improperly loaded trucks may cause accidents

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Truck accidents could leave people suffering devastating injuries, which is why safety should be a top priority. Speeding on Illinois roads reflects a terrible disregard for safety, as do other blatant moving violations. Moving violations aren’t the only cause of negligent accidents. Sometimes, overloading or improperly loading a truck puts people in danger and leads to accidents.

Overloading or improperly loading a heavy truck

Commercial trucks haul a tremendous amount of weight. Manufacturers note a maximum cargo weight capacity on their models, and anyone who puts too much heavy cargo on a truck may overload the model, leading to problems. Trailers can be overloaded or the load not properly positioned over the vehicle’s axles.

When a vehicle carries a load that’s too heavy or not properly loaded, the load can impair the function and safety of the tractor and trailer. Normal maneuvers become challenging and often make the tractor and trailer susceptible to tipping, difficult to handle, loosing its load and decrease its ability to stop.

Overloading and truck accidents

Truck accidents could also involve poorly secured cargo falling off the truck. People could die when hit by those objects, so effectively securing all cargo should be a top priority. Securing overloaded cargo could be challenging, if even possible.

Due to the shear size and weight of tractors and trailers, accidents in which they are involved often result in catastrophic injuries to the driver or others on the road. While most police agencies conduct thorough investigations involving serious truck accidents, often the load characteristics other than weight are overlooked. Understanding how overloading or improper loading can create unsafe roads is important in prevention of accidents as well as determining who is at fault for an accident.

It is not only just the drivers and employers who ignore trucking safety steps that may find themselves liable for any injuries, but also the individuals or companies that load the trailer. And sadly, those injuries could be fatal ones.