The basics of “never events” in Illinois

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There are many forms of errors that medical professionals can make, and one common category is what’s classified as “never events.” These are medical mistakes that are extremely serious and should never happen under any circumstances. Unfortunately, they do occur on occasion, often with devastating consequences for patients. Read on to learn more.

What are never events?

Never events are medical mistakes that are both serious and preventable, which means that they should never happen under any circumstances. Over the recent years, the courts have been handling many medical malpractice cases revolving around never events, and medical professionals are now well aware of the potential seriousness attached to these medical mistakes.

What are some of the most common examples of never events?

One common example is when a surgeon performs surgery on the wrong patient or body part. It’s also possible for medical errors to occur when incorrect information about a patient gets entered into their medical records, which can result in dangerous medications.

Other common types of never events include leaving foreign objects in the body after medical procedures and transfusing a patient with the wrong blood type.

What should you do if you experience a never event?

If you have experienced a never event, your first step should be to seek medical attention. You can file a medical malpractice claim if you believe that the medical staff’s negligence caused your injuries, but it is important to have all the necessary medical records and documentation for your medical malpractice claim. It is possible to win a medical malpractice case if you can prove that the medical staff’s negligence caused your injuries, so don’t hesitate to take this important step.

Who gets sued for never events?

When medical malpractice lawsuits get filed against medical staff when a patient experiences a never event, medical professionals are not typically held legally liable in these cases. In such cases, the hospital involved is the one that gets sued instead.

Never events are serious and preventable medical mistakes that should never happen to anyone under any circumstances. The good news is that with the right steps and preparation, it’s not difficult to win medical malpractice claims based on this type of mistake.