The real consequences of hospital negligence

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It’s a terrible scenario to imagine: You or your loved one is admitted to a hospital to receive treatment, but instead of getting well, you and your family fall victim to medical negligence. In Illinois, medical facility negligence is a serious offense with sometimes life-altering consequences. Understanding this issue can be key in protecting you and your family.

Understanding medical negligence

In Illinois, hospital negligence can be caused by a number of factors such as failure to diagnose, improper treatment or failure to notify a patient of various risks associated with a condition or surgery. The negligence then leads to injury or specific damages that could have been avoided with proper medical care. It’s important for patients to protect their rights when medical negligence occurs.

Medical negligence lawsuit leads to a jury awarding $34.7 million to family

One family felt the very real effects of medical negligence when their twin sons were born in a Baltimore hospital. One son was born completely healthy; however, the other twin faced serious breathing complications. Due to faulty handling of the newborn’s breathing condition, the child now suffers from permanent brain damage and will require lifelong care. A jury found that the family fell victim to medical negligence and awarded them $34.7 million in damages.

Remain diligent and aware when receiving treatment

Although many medical professionals are helpful and trustworthy, the health care system can fail patients. Understanding hospital negligence today can protect you and your loved ones tomorrow. Be involved and informed when you or a family member receiving treatment in order to help prevent medical mistakes from occurring and causing serious issues.