Identifying and preventing falls on construction sites

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Construction site falls cause a number of serious injuries and deaths. People who work from elevated heights have to be trained on fall prevention. They also need workers’ compensation benefits to obtain assistance after an accident. First, identify and prevent the types of falls that occur on construction sites in Illinois.

Types of falls on construction sites

Falls occur often at tall heights, such as on scaffolds and the tops of buildings. Falls also occur after workers slip on wet floors and surfaces. Construction sites are full of traps and openings, which include manholes that workers can fall into.

Preventing falls

The best solution to prevent falls is to inspect the worksite for visible and hidden dangers. Each site must be free of large openings and other hazards that could endanger the workers. Every worker must participate in safety training regularly. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration defines the dangers that construction workers face and sets regulations on the types of precautionary measures that they must take.

Accidents happen even to construction companies that follow all of the OSHA safety requirements. If a worker falls at work and becomes injured, the next recourse is to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. This program covers the medical bills and, in some cases, the lost wages of injured workers.

Focusing on fall safety

Falls are risks to all types of workers at construction sites. Being trained to prevent falls is necessary to reduce the number of serious injuries and deaths in the industry.