Settling a truck accident claim

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Getting hit by a car could lead to severe damage to a vehicle and terrible physical injuries. As awful as a car crash could be, a truck collision might be several times worse. A semi-truck carries tons of metal, cargo, and moving parts. A catastrophe may ensue when it hits another vehicle on an Illinois road. Victims might also feel concerned about the time required to settle a truck accident claim.

The complexities of truck accidents

One troubling irony associated with trucking accidents involves the severe injuries victims may suffer. Broken bones or spinal damage might result in enormous financial costs due to the need for extensive medical care and rehabilitation. Medical records would provide evidence about these expenses. However, the complex nature of such documents may require an extensive review, dragging out insurance claims or litigation.

Since truck accidents could involve multi-car crashes, several victims may have claims. When more than one victim suffers from the accident, the investigation could take longer. Again, the more evidence investigators review, the chances for settlement delays may increase.

In addition, there could be more than one negligent party. A truck driver might get behind the wheel while intoxicated, and that driver’s employer might know about previous instances of impaired driving. Claims against multiple parties might further complicate the settlement process, as more the one insurance company may become involved.

Working with the insurance company

Insurance companies may offer a low settlement figure, even when truck accidents cause devastating harm. Serious and extensive negotiations might be necessary to procure a reasonable payment.

A lawsuit could be unavoidable, depending on the circumstances. Again, while reaching a conclusion might take time, victims may need to invest time to get what they financially deserve.