Workers’ comp benefits available to you

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In Illinois, a lot of workers are unsure of the full range of benefits available to them. Not knowing means not benefiting from the many different possibilities. It’s important to understand the types of benefits that are available through workers’ compensation.

Medical expenses

Workers’ comp can pay for your immediate medical expenses from hospitalizations to surgeries and doctor’s visits. You’ll receive payments for necessary medical treatments only if they’re caused by the work injury.

Wage replacement

Wage replacement covers the wages that could not be earned while the worker is disabled. Based on the extent of your work history, your benefits will not exceed a certain wage amount.

Vocational rehabilitation costs

Workers’ compensation benefits cover the long-term expenses of vocational rehabilitation. The program covers rehab patients with long-term illnesses or injuries that develop from serious accidents.

Death and survivors benefits

Death benefits include coverage for funeral and burial expenses. The deceased person must have died as a result of a workplace illness or injury. Benefits are given to survivors of a deceased person, such as spouses, children and other immediate family members.

When benefits are not available

Workers’ compensation benefits do not cover acts of negligence. Employees are denied benefits if they were intoxicated by drugs or alcohol when they had their accidents. You’re also denied if you cause the accident due to recklessness or you deliberately inflict the injury upon yourself.

You’re not covered if the accident occurred away from the place of employment and when you were not working. There is no coverage for pain and suffering either.

When workers’ comp will benefit you

A workers’ comp insurance program benefits employees who need long-term coverage for their expenses. It also helps employers to avoid dealing with costly lawsuits. If you’re injured at work, it’s important to learn about the different benefits available to you.