The aftermath of construction accidents

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Construction workers face dangers in their chosen profession. Working on a busy Illinois construction site may require dodging hazards repeatedly. Sadly, all it takes is one incident where a worker can’t avoid an injury, and the worker finds themselves in a life-changing position. Construction injuries often come with serious costs.

Construction injuries and costs

The National Safety Council (NSC) reports figures that might shock people not involved in the construction industry. Exactly 957 people lost their lives in construction accidents, and 250,000 had to seek medical treatment for injuries in 2020 alone. Such tragic statistics reveal how dangerous the profession is. Sometimes, egregious behavior or negligence leads to harm, and government agencies may levy fines while injured victims and their families might file lawsuits.

Some accidents lead to property or equipment damage, two results people may not immediately realize when they hear about a construction accident. There could be other problematic consequences when construction mishaps occur.

A scaffolding or even a portion of a building may collapse, and the incident may not result in anyone suffering harm. However, the project might then face additional delays and costs. A construction company’s brand may suffer immensely as well.

Liabilities and aftermath

People suffering from construction injuries may not worry much about anything other than recuperating. However, missing work could result in financial hardships, so filing for workers’ compensation might be a good idea.

A personal injury lawsuit against third parties or negligent co-workers may apply under certain situations. A manufacturer or retail supplier that delivers damaged tools to a construction site could be liable for injuries suffered. The same might be true regarding employees who engage in workplace violence and other situations.