Truck accidents can happen fast

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

It is frightening to think about being involved in a collision with a massive tractor-trailer. However, these types of accidents happen on Illinois roads more frequently than many may realize. Such collisions happen even though drivers might take great care to avoid hitting a semi-truck. One contributing factor might be the speed at which these incidents happen. A commuter could travel in the center lane without any problems for several miles, and then an oversized truck hits the vehicle without warning.

The speed of truck accidents

The notion that tractor-trailer accidents happen swiftly is not mere opinion. Many accidents happen quite fast because tractor-trailers have significant blind spots. Blind spots refer to areas not visible from the side or rear-view windows. Blind spots also exist in front of the truck due to the elevated cab.

Unless the truck driver looks directly at the lane to double-check whether it’s empty, the driver might hit another vehicle without warning. The truck driver turns the wheel, moves into the other lane and hits a car. The collision could happen in seconds.

A truck’s size, mass and speed

Speeding contributes to numerous otherwise avoidable car and truck accidents. If a tractor-trailer travels too fast, it might not stop in time to avoid an accident. Speeding during an unsafe lane change might cause similar crashes.

Distracted driving might lead to speeding and other moving violations. Accidents may happen when a truck driver’s mind is not on road safety. Unfortunately, many modern infotainment tech developments could contribute to distractions. So might bad long-hauler habits, such as eating while driving.

Be mindful that not every truck crash is the commercial driver’s fault. A car that cuts off a large truck could cause a collision. Ultimately, whatever party caused the accident would be liable for damages.