Improper cargo loading can cause a truck accident

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When a truck accident occurs in Illinois, evidence may reveal negligence caused the crash. Sometimes, poor loading procedures reflect the negligent acts that led to a collision.

Cargo loading and potential dangers

Careful and deliberate loading provides more than orderly organization inside a truck’s trailer. Correct loading procedures might support effective handling when a semi-truck travels to and from its destination. Potential problems may arise when a loading crew places too much weight on the front, back or sides. For example, excessive front-loading may affect brake performance. Too much weight on the sides could contribute to a rollover and possibly deadly consequences.

Overloading the trailer might be accidental or deliberate. Either way, an overloaded truck could become a danger on the road. Trucks have a maximum load capacity. Exceeding the capacity might undermine the brakes’ performance at a crucial time.

Whether transporting cargo on an open bed or inside a closed trailer, securing the items correctly could reduce the chances of a disaster. If the load comes loose, there exists the potential it might fly out of the truck and hit someone. The locked trailer door might not keep things inside if the tractor-trailer collides with another vehicle. And flying cargo might inflict a fatal injury.

Negligence and improper loading

When trucks leave departure points, drivers and their owners have a duty to keep commuters, pedestrians and others safe. Drivers who commit moving violations and employers who ignore dangerous behaviors might be responsible for any injuries caused in truck accidents. Such legal jeopardies apply to drivers and trucking companies that ignore cargo loading hazards.

If negligence causes a truck collision, victims may sue for their losses. Often, liability insurance provides a path to compensation. However, intensive negotiations might be necessary to receive a satisfactory amount.