How to handle a construction burn injury

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Construction sites are among the most dangerous places to work. Sustaining a burn injury on the job can be incredibly painful and expensive. Your burn could require years of treatment and, in the worst-case scenario, prevent you from returning to work.

Employers are responsible for keeping the workplace safe. In Illinois, your company is legally obligated to provide workers with compensation insurance. You may be entitled to benefits depending on how severe your injury is.

Common types of burn injuries

Burn injuries at a construction site can fall under one of these categories:

  • Chemical: Chemical burns are brought on by exposure to corrosive or poisonous substances, whether by ingestion, inhaling, or direct contact with the skin.
  • Electrical: This type of burn occurs due to exposure to electrical currents that can cause electric shock or sometimes death.
  • Thermal: Thermal burns are often caused by contact with an open flame, scalding liquids, or a heat source.

Earning compensation for a burn injury

After a burn injury, you should file a worker’s compensation claim to earn compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. You will only need to prove that the burn was caused at work. Even if you caused or contributed to the accident, you may still be eligible for worker’s compensation.

How much compensation you receive will depend on the severity of your injuries. Workers who become permanently disabled, for example, will likely receive more compensation. Because burn injuries have lasting effects physically and psychologically, you will want to ensure that you are not accepting less than what you are entitled to.

Your right to seek continued medical treatment or to fight for compensation may be the subject of a dispute. Contacting a compassionate burn injury lawyer could be your best chance to build a strong case and obtain the compensation you deserve.