Moving On After The Death Of A Loved One

While no amount of money can bring your loved one back, filing a wrongful death claim can help you find closure after a traumatic loss. At Gordon & Centracchio LLC, we treat each of our clients like family. We understand how difficult these cases are, and we are here to help you hold the right people accountable. We have been fearless advocates for our clients throughout Chicagoland, Illinois and the surrounding states for over 20 years. Let us stand by you during your time of need.

Understanding The Process

A wrongful death claim may only be brought by the personal representative of the late person’s estate. This can include their spouse, a parent of a minor child who is deceased or an adult child of the deceased. If no personal representative was named in an estate plan, the court may appoint one. They are then responsible for pursuing the wrongful death case.

You only have one year from the death of your loved one to take action. Because of this, we recommend talking to an attorney as soon as possible to provide your case with the best chances of success. We can help you fight for the compensation you deserve. This can include the loss of support and lost prospect of inheritance, as well as medical and funeral expenses. Most notably, the person responsible for your loved one’s death will be held responsible for their actions.

Let Us Help; Call Today

After a significant loss, many people don’t know what their rights are. Our skilled personal injury attorneys are here to help educate you so you can make informed decisions. We will honestly assess your situation and guide you in the right direction. To talk to an experienced attorney today, contact our office in Chicago at 312-332-2490 or fill out our contact form.